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PTE’s Directory of Note Buyers, Note Sellers and All Needed Resources is available in two (2) formats. In its book and E-book forms it is updated and published twice a year. Our Directory's searchable database is updated daily at cost of the book is $59.95, the E-book is $49.95 and both include one free year of online access to our database. Access to the online database is $49.95 per year thereafter. There is no charge for a company or individual to be listed in the directory. All note industry participants are welcome to sign up and become a part of the directory for free.

PTE’s directory is made up of companies and individuals who primarily buy, sell and invest in trust deeds and mortgages, also known as “notes”, and many also buy streams of income, such as annuities, divorce settlements and lottery payouts. You will find small note buyers ($10,000) and large notes buyers ($10,000,000 or more). You will find buyers of performing, non-performing and owner financed (seller carryback) notes.

The Resources section of the directory includes companies and individuals who actively provide services supporting the note industry. You will be able to search for note exchanges, where you may purchase notes, mortgage service companies of notes, authors and note educators, as well as lawyers, self-directed IRA companies, financial services and companies that sell seller carryback leads.

There is also an educational section of the directory. Author David Tedder of PTE, Inc. shares his views on finding your own note buying model, i.e., “What type of notes do you want to buy?”, as well as where and how to find every note buyer in the United States.


PTE’s Directory of Note Buyers, Note Sellers & All Needed Resources 

A Searchable Database of People and Companies Active in the Note Industry

Find Trust Deed and Mortgage Loan Buyers – Find Note Auctions and Exchange Sites offering notes for sale, Note Servicing Companies, Passive Investment Funds and Authors & Educators. Plus: PTE NOTE EDUCATION – Learn How to Find Every Note Buyer in America – Discover Your Note Buying Model: Performing, Non-performing, Re-performing and Owner Financed (Seller Carryback Loans).

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